August 10, 2008

Technical Notes

To listen to the live webcast you will need to have Apple Quicktime or RealPlayer installed on your computer. Go to or for the free download and then click either of the live webcast links above. You may also need to allow your firewall access to the live stream. Some listeners who have routers (Linksys or D-Link) had difficulty connecting to the broadcast because of the built in firewall rules. If you are able to connect directy through your modem (no router) you will probably have a better chance of connecting—or if you know how to allow open up the UDP port on your firewall then you're off to the races. Click here if you are having problems connecting to the stream using the above methods.

Send any technical problems to If you are having trouble listening to the live webcast, the broadcast archive will be uploaded to the site immediately after the race so check our archives section below. Once the files are available the graphic link for the moto will become active. You will need QuickTime to listen to the archive as well. Enjoy!


Get QuickTime Download RealPlayer


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