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RXC's Danny Brault Goes Under the Knife!

Apr 4, 2006 10:10pm

You would think he would learn!

The shot above was captured just three months ago at AX Des-Monts in Quebec. Danny Brault dropped the front end in the whoops and had to spend a little quality time on the ground searching for his berries.

Well, he was back at it this past weekend but this time came up short on a double. He reportedly noted some discomfort but continued to ride for the day! When the bruising and swelling developed enough to reach the "alarming stage" our Assistant Editor decided to pay a visit to the Emergency Ward.

A few hours and stitches later, Danny has now reduced his weight in that region by 25% (and based on the jumps he attempts, he has fairly large stones) so that should help improve his power-to-weight ratio when he lines up for the eastern nationals this year.

Our star advertising rep (and Danny's roommate) Jay Moore is also laid up with a broken collarbone that he injured during the last week of his Florida vacation.

We are starting to think that a spoof episode of The Odd Couple featuring the battered pair of riders might be in order.

Get well soon Danny and Jay!