Racer X Canada Ceases Publication

Effective Friday August 22nd, Racer X Canada will cease publication of our printed magazine, digital magazine and the production of new editorial content for our website. Our website will remain open for a limited time with access to our three online publications, the Moto Show episodes from the 2008 CMRC Canadian Nationals and Steve Matthes’ Podcasts.

We’ve had a great run producing Racer X Canada. We've witnessed and documented many great moments in our country's motocross history. We have been blessed to work with such a talented crew of individuals and we are looking forward to other business ventures.

Our decision to cease operations has nothing to do with the riders, the teams, or the industry that surrounds our beloved sport in Canada. We were welcomed with open arms by just about everyone concerned with the sport, and we feel that our goal to make a better motocross magazine and website was achieved and maintained.

Unfortunately, as we tried to grow our own publication and help grow our sport, we were continually thwarted by the restrictions placed on us and every other publication by the promoter of the national series as part of an exclusive deal with another publication. After first paying for the right to participate in the series, distribution at the races was banned last year, competing publications were no longer permitted to advertise on the track at the nationals or able to market themselves in vendor row, even at a fee. In other words, our reward for trying to help grow the series and the sport was to be pushed out.

While it’s too late for Racer X Canada, we call upon the CMRC and Stallybrass Promotions Inc. to abandon the current media exclusivity policy and promote greater competition in the Canadian motocross media market. Canadian motocross fans and the industry alike deserve a choice when it comes to media and changes are needed to enable publishers to compete effectively to the benefit of all Canadian consumers.

We would like to thank our many faithful readers, advertisers, riders and teams for their support over the past five years. It’s been quite a rewarding journey. We’ve worked with a wonderful team and we hope you have enjoyed reading Racer X Canada as much as we have enjoyed producing it. We even hope to one day resurrect the magazine and website, should the restrictions be eased enough to where there’s a fair chance to grow the audience within the sport. But as it stands, we cannot continue.

Thank you for your support. See you at the races.