Canadian MX Radio Bytes #10

By Brett Dailey

The final show of the year and it was another good one! Here are some sound bytes for your reading pleasure.

“Seven days of dirt, fires and funnels.”
Ryan Gauld on the Walton TransCan

“We were really fortunate this year again. We had great weather and a whole bunch of good things happened this week. There were a lot of fast amateurs who showed up and every year there is sort of hyped guys and then when they leave there’s some hype around those guys and I think guys like Ryan Millar, Dylan Kaelin, Brandyn Cowie, those guys kind of left with sort of a new understanding of how good those guys are. We saw them ride all year but when they are all put on the track at the same time, it’s kind of neat to see that measuring stick. And those guys all left looking really good and we were blessed. So like I said, the whole week was good. Good weather and we had a lot of good people working for us this year.”
Brett Lee on the 2008 Walton TransCan

“Obviously when you crash, you get all pissed off and there’s really nothing you can lose, right? You’re already dead last so you’re going to have to give it all you’ve got but I wish I rode like that if I got a decent start. Just push as hard as you can. I was actually planning on that in the second moto but I ended up going down again.
Kyle Keast on crashing at Walton and coming through the pack

“I’m actually surprised. I had forgotten how much that roost hurt. I guess with the 450s now it’s even worse but those first five laps yesterday, both motos, I was just like gritting my teeth, kind of wondering what exactly I was doing [laughs] but once those first few laps were over, it kind of got fun.”
Chris Pomeroy on coming out of retirement to race the Walton national

“Andre Laurin of the OTSFF team made a commitment to let me and Brett Lee pick two top riders to have a tryout for his team down at GPF. So those two riders were Dylan Kaelin and Ryan Millar. They both went and talked to Andre Laurin on the Sunday and, I’m not sure if it’s all paid for or whatever, but you’re going to get to try some Suzukis and see if you can get your foot in the door with a factory squad.”    
Gauld on an awesome opportunity for Kaelin and Millar to try out for the Suzuki team

“I was chatting with him a little bit, watching MX1practice, he’s been spending a lot of time on the phone with Ryan Hughes. He was kind of reluctant to tell me too much because he said it was going to be printed on Racer X Canada … but I’ll just say it on Canadian Motocross Radio. But no, he’s been working with him, with his diet and everything and just getting advice and it seems to be working for him.”
Danny Brault on Jeremy Medaglia’s growing relationship with Ryan Hughes

“Basically, the loudest bikes, that I tell everybody, the 250Fs are the ones that, if anybody’s bike is going to fail, it’s usually a 250F.”
Randy Hall on sound testing the bikes at the nationals

“We’re taking him down to the States for the last AMA round and it’s going to be interesting to see where Colt ends up down there. You know, JSR is going to go down with him and it’s kind of a bonus for Colt. We said, win the number one plate and we’ll take you down to an AMA national. So I think that’s going to give us a good measuring stick on where we’re at.”
Jason Mitchell on Facciotti racing Steel City

“Still at the girl’s house, catering to her. She’s all hurt so I have to make her food and cut up her chicken and all that kind of stuff.”
Colton Facciotti on taking care of his girlfriend, Jocelyn Killough, who broke her collarbone at Walton

“It’s pretty cool; I’m pumped. I’m just pumped for my team. For me, I’ve been looking forward to this for so many years, and same with my parents, it was good to get it done for them and they’re so happy and it’s just unbelievable.”
Facciotti on winning the MX1 title

“From the very beginning of the season, I didn’t have too many doubts that I could win the championship. I believed it and I just worked hard. You know, when you really believe something, you just make it happen. I believed I could win it. I don’t think too many other people thought I could but I for sure thought I could.”
Eric Nye, our MX2 Champ, on coming into the season

That's it for Canadian MX Radio for 2008 and I guess that's it for CMR Bytes. I really enjoyed listening to the show this year and I would like to thank Marc Travers, Brian Koster and Ryan Gauld for letting us be a part of the show. All of you made positive comments about our website during the series so that is much appreciated and it's nice to know that our efforts did not go unnoticed. All the best to CMR in '09! Be sure to listen to the CMR archives right here.