Thanks from PerformX

I just wanted to say congratulations to Colton, Blair, and Team Blackfoot! 

I was lucky enough to start working with Blair back in `98.. 10 years later, numerous mx and snocross championships, X Games golds, etc.. and I have never been prouder of the ol’ paintballer.  I want to THANK YOU for the journey to date, and introducing and recommending me to both JSR back in `01 and Colton `07.  In Blair’s words last fall  “You should train Colton.. besides being fast.. he’s a good kid with lot’s of heart”.  Here’s to our next 10 years! 

I also want to thank JSR for putting my training to the ultimate test over the years, inspiring me to learn more, our working together to assist Colton in `08, and most importantly being the epitome of a champion.  I am looking forward to continuing our partnering in the future.  (ps  they sell Nutella outside of Quebec.. and leave the 2 strokes for chainsaws)

As for Colton.. besides the wins and championship, I believe you should be proud of yourself for understanding that every piece needs to be in place to build success.  As we often discuss, I don’t believe success is defined by wins and championship/s, I think it’s about reaching one’s fullest potential.  You definitely have more room for growth.  Stay on track.. and there will be more success ahead.  Thanks for entrusting in me, and I am looking forward to assisting you in achieving more of your goals.  Good job this year!  

Aron and Jimmy.. sometimes things happen beyond our control.  Use it to make you stronger. 


Todd Schumlick