5 Minutes with...Andre Roy of 66 Graphx

Andre Roy from 66 Graphx


By Steve Matthes
I really, really wanted to get a custom helmet for myself. I sent one off to a guy in California when I was 16 and paid him probably 10,000 Cdn dollars. I got it back, opened it up and it had a giant American flag on it! That kind of bummed me out. Anyways, with the help of Bell, I got a brand new Moto 8 and just needed a paint guy that wouldn't put the wrong country's flag on it. That's when Jay Moore put me in touch with Andre Roy and after him talking me out of the "me on a unicorn with a giant sword while the devil chases me out of hell" motif, he got busy on the Bell.  I got it at Sand Del Lee and I am super happy with it. The homage to all the riders I've wrenched for is hella-cool and the quality is fantastic for sure. I had to track him down and find out more about 66 Graphx.
RXC: How did you get into painting helmets?
Andre Roy: I always had a buzz for painted helmets since 1990. I was doing airbrush a very long time ago but mostly on plastic model kits. After I painted my RC car in 2001, I opened a hobby shop and the local guys asked me to paint their RC car bodies. After that I started racing at other clubs in the Quebec area and everybody loved the custom paint I did. So then I was painting approximately 100-125 bodies a year. After the hobby shop experience, I looked at my plain stock helmet and I said, "mmm, let's do it!" The first helmet was done and I was very satisfied with everything, it was perfect! I painted a few more helmets and after that I contacted Ben Milot and JSR to run my paint and 66 Graphx was born!
How did you get hooked up with Team Canada?
Dean Thompson at Blackfoot told Carl Bastedo, who organizes the MXdN deal, that Andre at 66 is his man for the helmets!

Roy painted the Team Canada helmets for 2008. Here are the helmets for Klatt and Facciotti.

What are some of the other riders you have painted for?
I've painted for some local riders, JSR, Ben Milot, a few TV hosts in Canada in car racing and I also paint for Red Bull Canada athletes.
Favorite helmet you ever did?
Steve Matthes! [Laughs] Probably Ben Milot for the Montreal Supercross last year with the orange cuda. It was cool, very time consuming to paint! I have to say, all of the helmets that I did, I love them. I always try to do designs a paint scheme with something personal to each consumer.
Favorite helmet you didn't do?
The JT Racing ALS-2! One of the best helmets of all time!

Here it is folks, the Matthes signature model. Note the "Hall of Fame" along the bottom. Love the metal flake, perfect for a Las Vegas resident!


What was your motivation in painting mine the way you did? What does the "Fueled by Matthes gasoline" sticker mean?
Your helmet was a big challenge! I'm a motorcycle mechanic also so I told myself I will paint what a mechanic would like on it.  You don't seems to be a flashy guy so I worked in some conservative with a little bit of vintage hot-rod gas bar style! I added the gold leaf flying wrench to give some prestige.
As for as the gas logo, the old gasoline ad, I hand painted that on there for you. I changed it to Matthes gasoline; it's a kind of  an expression. If you are fueled with it then that means that you have no problem. I think you are known in the industry and you will love to have something special on your helmet, to joke about, like, "Hey man, you suck because you don't have the Matthes gasoline!" [Laughs]
Where can somebody reach you to get their helmet painted like the stars?
I have a website: www.66graphx.com, or by phone 418 227-5701. I'm located in St-Georges, one hour south from Quebec city. Turnaround time is approximately 24 hours to two weeks.

Who is this "Evel" helmet for? Dean Thompson??