Facciotti wins MX1 title!

Team Toyota/Yamaha/Blackfootdirect.com/Fox Racing's Colton Facciotti  is your 2008 Canadian national MX1 champion! The 20-year-old captured the title after winning the first moto, and, with the pressure off, he rode away for the second moto win.

Blair Morgan was 2-2 on the day and held on for fourth overall in the series over Kyle Keast. Yamaha's Simon Homans ended the year well going 5-3 for third overall. Homans was under pressure from South African Liam O'Farrell for most of the race until O'Farrell tipped over in a corner. O'Farrell remounted behind Klatt and then charged back past the Cernic's rider with two laps to go to finish fourth.

Tyler Medaglia had a tough second moto, going down hard while running second. After pulling into the mechanics area, TM straightened things out and kept going. Unfortunately, he was a lap down and didn't score any points. Kyle Keast also had frustrating moto. After rounding the corner mid-pack, Keast tipped over on the first lap and then his bike started making funny noises while running 10th in the final laps. He, too, suffered a DNF.

Ryan Blizzard was running third early in the race and held for 6th ahead of Jay Burke. Chuck Mesley went down in the first corner but managed to work his way back up to 18th.

After barking his way into 7th in moto one, five-time champ, JSR, watched the second moto from the sidelines. My sources tell me that JSR injured his ankle yesterday in practice and just wanted to get in one last national moto. Thanks, King!

MX1 overall results from Walton:

Facciotti 1-1
Morgan 2-2
Homans 5-3
O'Farrell 8-4
Klatt 11-5
Blizzard 10-6
Burke 9-7
Cooke 13-8
Nelson 6-15
Medaglia 3-DNF