Racer X Canada Tested: NEMX Indoor Riding Facility




The Label It Honda Team snuck in a little winter riding at the Northeast Motocross Complex two weeks ago. 

The Victim: Northeast Motocross Complex (NEMX)

Location: Andover, Ohio

Cost: $25 USD

Online: http://www.nemx.webpointusa.com/

Phone: 440-293-4655

Not everyone can afford to spend months riding and training down south. Fortunately, there are options for those racers on a budget who still wish to get out on the bike for a day or two. Two weeks ago, RXC had the privilege of riding at NEMX in Andover, Ohio. (Approx. four hours drive from Toronto.) Everyone agreed that this is the best indoor facility we’ve ever ridden! The folks at NEMX have every detail covered, from track layout and prep, to heat, and a pro shop. And it's all at a reasonable cost.

Here’s what out test panel had to say about the NEMX facility:

Rob McCullough
Having had the opportunity to ride NEMX for the first time over the Christmas holidays, I was thrilled to get a second chance to ride, and, like my initial experience, I found the track to be again prepared to perfection as our pictures indicate. 

The track consists of a concrete starting pad with 16 individual gates and eight wide lanes, with a variety of obstacles, allowing for relatively easy passing for an indoor facility. Aside from the stellar conditions, I found the track design allowed me to flow, reducing the inevitable arm pump most of us in Canada experience during the off season. That reduced fatigue let me ride longer and added to the enjoyment; I find this especially important when investing my time and hard earned money.

Heated change rooms, a spotless washroom with flush toilets, a portable bike heater, Pro Shop, food bar, and friendly staff all add to the experience. Overall, I found NEMX to be the finest indoor facility I have had the pleasure of riding; it enables riders of all sizes and ability to be safely challenged, and, without question, it’s well worth the drive. Also, the entire building is heated so the dirt and riders are never frozen!


 If this dirt doesn't make you want to ride, I don't know what will!



Old Man McCullough has some game indoors. He made an unnamed assistant editor look like a sally when he went for a tricky little double into a corner. Check out his new MSR threads, fresh from the CMRC Ontario Provincial Banquet!  

Brad Coles
Wide, fast, safe and you get to change gears! I almost forgot I was indoors. It’s a fun track that allows for some good passing; it’s well-designed, as anyone from beginner to pro can enjoy it. A 16-man start gate lets you know how wide this track is. A heated change room and a snackbar, complete with some moto parts, shows you how serious these people are. Loved it!



Label It team manager/chief mechanic/truck driver/chef/man friend, Brad Coles, couldn't get enough of the NEMX track.  All he could he think about afterwards, was having a "couple beers" and discussing why his MX1 rider is such a lunatic.



Times are tough: After signing national #20, Jay Burke, and national #23, Davey Fraser, Coles doesn't have much budget left, so he's using his old hauler this summer to save fuel. 

Jason Burke
I’m going to have to say driving the extra distance to Ohio is definitely worth the trip to NEMX. When we walked in, it was like being on the floor at a mini-supercross. I have visited this track twice, and, both times, the conditions were perfect—perfectly groomed and dozer tracked! NEMX has a good variety of jumps for the pros to the beginners. Overall, definitely worth the drive! May cost you a little more, but at the end of the day, you gain a lot more.


The NEMX track features just about every obstacle you'd face in an AX, along with a lane that offers two different options: whoops or double-double. 

Danny Brault
NEMX is one of the coolest places I’ve ever ridden! Captain Freedom kept reminding me how big this place was—that you could fit two hockey rinks inside the building—but I had to see it to believe it. Fortunately, McCullough wasn’t pulling my leg. The building is big, really big. Once inside, I couldn’t believe it: they have a 16-man concrete starting gate! They even tilled the flat areas of the track, which gave it an outdoor feel, and the lanes were wider than normal, making passing much easier. If you’re looking to try out a new indoor facility, or can’t afford to travel south, I highly recommend checking out NEMX.

Final Verdict
NEMX is a guaranteed great time! Not much else to say, but get out there and give’er!

Special thanks to the folks at NEMX for allowing us to rip up their track, Brad Coles for providing his “B Team” rig for transporting us down to Ohio, and the entire test team for their input!