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By Danny Brault

Woohoo! We’re going to the races!

First, In Canada, we have the third and fourth round of the Toyota/ Yamaha Canadian Arenacross Championships kicking off in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island at Arbutus Meadows Equestrian Centre. Blackfoot Yamaha’s Colton Facciotti will be looking to continue his unbeaten streak in the Open class, and Clearbrook Yamaha’s Kyle Beaton plans to keep his YZ250F out front in the AX2 class. Hopefully the two movie stars aren’t too burnt out from their stunt work. Ryan Lockhart told me yesterday that he, Johnny Montes, Beaton, and Facciotti have been filming every day this week for the flick Freestyle.



Colton Facciotti will be looking to extend his winning streak in the Open class.  

James Lissimore photo


“It’s pretty decent money,” says Lockhart. “It’s going to be a good Christmas for the Newf, but I’ve been riding my own bike everyday in the mud!” Apparently, from what Lockhart tells me (who now speaks in the third person), they’ve been splashing around in Morden-like mud on set and everyone has a loaner bike except him.

Regardless, Lockhart hopes to break out in Nanoose after missing the first weekend in Chilliwack due to a wicked contusion on his back. He actually drove down to Washington last Saturday for a local arenacross to get in some track time before this weekend’s Canadian AX. It turned out to be quite an eventful trip for the Newf.

“It went all right; I got a second, two firsts, and a third—I got taken out in the last main by some punk kid!” says Lockhart. “We almost got into a fight; the kid stood at me and everything. He was a local Washington kid. I was second off the start, and in the second corner, he lined me up and went right for my front wheel and popped me off the track. I came back from 11th to third; the main events were only eight laps. After the race, I cut the kid off through whoops because I was pissed; he took out a bunch of other people during the day.”


The Newf gets wrapped up in his work during the Christmas rush at SixSixOne Canada. 



That story reminds me of the Port Hope Fall Fair Supercross (it was like racing inside a one-car garage) back in 2002 when my uncle nearly got into a fistfight after he was bumped by Derrick Arnold. I think Joseph Rose won that day on his KTM 125.

Before we get too far, I want to say thanks to Yamaha Canada and especially Toyota for stepping up and supporting the Canadian AX Series. The promoters of the series put a lot of effort in, along with the riders, fans, and local dealers, so it’s good to see they aren’t being ignored. Outside sponsorship is something we’re always in need of—especially with the manufacturers and dealers cutting back due to the rising Loonie. Toyota is stepping up big time, with their support of AMA Arenacross and Motocross and they’re a major part of the Blackfoot team. Maybe they’ll even join Monster Energy in supporting the Canadian Nationals next year?

Anyhoo, if you’re on Vancouver Island this weekend or close to the ferry on the mainland, check out the Nanoose AX. Event info can be found at

The Toyota AMA Arenacross Series resumes this weekend at the MetroCentre in Rockford, Illinois. Through the first five rounds, we’ve already seen four winners (Chad Johnson (1), Josh Demuth (2), Dan Reardon (1), Tyler Bright (1)), so it’s really anyone’s race in Rockford. Johnson is leading the championship with three points over Demuth, and Kelly and Danny Smith are tied with 77 points in third. You can keep track of the AMA series on

A few hours east of Illinois, the AMA Regional Arenacross Series visits Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York. While the top tier will race in Rockford, the event in Rochester provides a chance for inexperienced indoor riders to get track time without the pressure. (That doesn’t mean there won’t be some fast guys in Rochester.) In fact, Machine Racing’s Kyle Keast is driving down to Rochester on Friday for his first indoor race since Toronto WSXGP last year, a race he would rather forget. Keast isn’t looking to set the world on fire; he just wants to race and ride as much as possible this winter. He, Johnny Silegren, and I rode at the indoor track in Val-Des-Monts, Quebec last Saturday and Keast looked fast and fit. Although the track in Rochester will obviously be much more technical, Keast’s corner speed was impressive, he looked smooth and aggressive on his CRF250R, and he somehow never pumped up. I, meanwhile, felt like someone injected Viagra straight into my forearms!

Again, check out the website for info on the Rochester event.


Check out Danny's Five Minutes with ... Joe Skidd right here.  

Across the pond, Yamaha riders Jean-Sébastien Roy and Simon Homans will take part in the Geneva Supercross in Switzerland. Allison Kennedy caught up with JSR a week ago for this 5 mins with, and from what JSR said, he will be racing a few rounds of the Canadian Nationals next year. However, I spoke with Blackfoot’s race director, Joe Skidd, and he says that The King will be taking on more of coaching/ testing role and we’ll probably only see the #5 Yamaha at Walton in 08.

Speaking of JSR, while Felix Trepanier was scouring old footage of The Champ for his upcoming DVD, he stumbled on this epic battle between Ben Milot and JSR at LaTuque back in 1999. Watch below to see the freestyle legend hold off the king of Canadian motocross

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend (and live somewhere reasonably close), stop into the Tillsonburg Indoor Track or visit Yan Gendron’s indoor track in Val-Des-Monts ( or (613) 282-5713). I haven’t been to Tillsonburg this year, I’m sure it’s great, but Val-Des-Monts was awesome! Yan had the whole track prepped perfectly after JSR blew it apart the day before. The track features a new layout; it’s a bit more technical with a step-on step-off section and a stadium-like whoop section, but it’s still fun and safe for most skill levels.

Team Green’s Dean Wilson claimed his first ever U.S. amateur national championship last week in Gainesville, Florida at the Thor National Motocross Olympics. Wilson’s week was up and down, but the kid from Alberta came through with the win in the 250 B Stock class. Brigden, Ontario’s Cole Thompson rode well in the motocross portion too, finishing seventh overall in the 85cc 12-13 Mod and Stock classes. For full results, visit

Allison Kennedy has a few notes and results to share from the WMA Cup

While many of Canada’s top amateurs were busy racing at the Mini O’s, a contingent of Canadian ladies made the trip to the WMA Cup at Cycle Ranch in Texas instead. Ami Houde, Bev-Bryce Legere, Kennedy Lutz, Tracy Rowan, Megan Ring, and Melanie Taylor-Wallis all lined up at Cycle Ranch.

Two Canadian champions were crowned in the WMA amateur competition; Kennedy Lutz won the 51cc class with 1-1 motos, and Ontario’s Tracy Rowan brought home the Vet Junior title with consistent 2-2 motos.
Overall, the Canadian results looked like this:

WMA 100 cc and up Novice
Tracy Rowan 10th (9-11)
Bev Bryce Legere 14th (20-7)
Megan Ring 18th (21-17)

WMA 100 cc and up Beginner
Melanie Taylor-Wallis 6th (7-6)

WMA 100cc and up Intermediate

Ami Houde 14th (16-10)

51cc 7 to 9 Stock
Kennedy Lutz 1 (1-1)

65 cc 7 to 9
Kennedy Lutz 4th (4-4)

Bev Bryce-Legere 4 (6-4)
Ami Houde 9 (9-12)
Megan Ring 12 (15-9)
Melanie Taylor-Wallis 15 (16-14)

85cc and up Schoolgirl
Bev Bryce-Legere 6 (6-8)

85cc and up College girl
Ami Houde 5 (7-6)

Vet Jr 25 and up
Tracy Rowan 1 (2-2)
Megan Ring 6 (7-5)

Manitoba’s Ami Houde made her first trip to the WMA Cup, and despite some bike trouble and bad luck, Houde says it was a good exeperience. Ami’s father, Kim Houde, raced the USA Team Motocross Championships at Cycle Ranch (the event runs alongside the WMA amateur classes), winning the Over 40 Expert Class and finishing second in the Over 30 Expert class.

 “I had pretty fast lap times in practice and my friend, Ayla (Cabus), won Intermediate and Open. She and I are the same speed so I could have been top three for sure if I hadn’t had such bad luck,” said Ami. While attendance was down a bit at the Texas event (due most likely to a scheduling conflict with the Mini O’s), the WMA Cup is still a chance to see some of the fastest women in the sport.

 “It was cool to see Katherine Prumm, the world champ. It’s really cool to see girls like that ride, because you realize they are not that far off your speed. I felt bad for Ashley Fiolek, she was way underpowered on the 125 but she was definitely the fastest girl out there.”

As for Houde, she raced the Canadian National Women’s series this summer for the first time, putting in her best finish in Calgary with a third-place finish in the opening moto. She’s taken on a job as the race rep at the Manitoba MX and Snocross gear company, FXR, and will be hitting all of the ladies nationals next summer.

Thanks, AK.

Ever wondered it would be like to ride a street bike on a motocross track? I know my goofy brother and I have. Well, Chris Palermo knows what it’s like as he rode a 1999 Harley Davidson Sportster at A Day In The Dirt. Check out Chris and his hog here.

PerformX Racing’s Todd Schumlick checked in this week. He’s been on the road training snocross racers Blair Morgan, Iain Hayden, Brett Turcotte, and Garth Kaufman. When that wraps up, Schumlick will work with Colton Facciotti to develop a multi-year plan to help Blackfoot’s #1 guy reach his full potential on and off the track. If you’re in need of some help with your training program, stop by the site.

The snocross season kicked off last weekend in Duluth, Minnesota with Tucker Hibbert taking the Pro Open win on his Monster Energy/ Arctic Cat. Blair Morgan won his qualifier, but finished back in 11th in the final.  For full results from the event, go to There were a few Canadians in the mix.


The Quebec Ice Racing Series kicks off January 14th in Lavaltrie. 

Allison Kennedy photo


If you want to keep racing this winter, and you don’t live in BC, you might want to check out the CMRC Quebec Ice Racing Series. I raced an event in Lavaltrie last winter and had an absolute blast. They race basically anything you can put studs into—bikes, ATVs, cars—there are tons of beautiful French women and for a pro rider, you can actually make some decent money. The first round takes place January 14th in Lavaltrie, with a practice day on the 12th. For the full schedule, click here

Read this and then watch this video—it’s pretty crazy!

Check this link out to see some photos of Dusty Klatt on his Monster Energy/ Cernic’s Kawasaki. It looks like the team has yet to send the “Campbell River Crusher” a new set of gear. Come on, help him out, Derek! Just hassling you.


Darcy is doing well ... and will be in the stands at Nanoose this weekend.  

Brett Dailey photo


It’s been some time since we received an update on Darcy Lange, so I rang him up earlier this week for a few words.

RXC: Hey, Darcy, how are you doing?

Darcy Lange: Good. I’m just hanging out.

Have you been out hunting at all lately?
Oh, yeah. I got a nice four by five muley, a three by four blacktail, a sheep, and a bunch of ducks and geese.

You’ve shot just about everything [laughs]. Do you eat any of it?

Yep. All of it, other than fish; I don’t eat seafood.

So how is everything with your treatment?
Everything is going really good. I just had a checkup three weeks ago and they said if I was a regular Joe Blow going in there, they would say I didn’t have it. Everything is looking positive. I did a treatment on Tuesday and I have two more to go, get checked out, and then I’m good to go!

I read your Five Minutes with Pingree in a recent issue of Racer X and saw that everything was moving along well.
Yeah, it hasn’t been too bad. Some days you’re pretty tired, but it keeps getting better.

Other than hunting, what have you been up to?

I went riding a couple of times, just buddies and I playing around in the pits. I’m just pretty much hanging out with my family and friends.

Being normal for a little bit?

Yeah, trying to until racing starts up again.

Last I read you were planning on taking a year off. Is that still your plan?

I’m not too sure. We’ll see once the snow clears away. You might see me at a couple of Canadian outdoor rounds.

Oh, really. You almost sound like you’ve been talking to someone.

No, I haven’t actually been talking to anyone yet. I’m planning on riding whenever the weather gets good. Who knows, even if it’s on my own expense, I might be at a couple of close rounds. It would be fun.

Are going to the Nanaimo AX this weekend?

Yep. We’re going down both days.

I know a few guys that are planning to race arenacross and supercross in the States for the first time this year. Do you have any advice for them on how to be prepared?
The main thing that will hold those guys back is if they are intimidated by the U.S. guys.

What was your first AX experience like in the U.S?
Actually, the second weekend I won one [laughs]! It was for Richmond; I went down with Justin Huska. That was Sacramento, and then it was Salt Lake City, and I won another one or two.

I think a big reason you’ve adapted so well to AX and SX in the US is because you’re not worrying about who you’re lining up against. Would you agree?
Yeah, unless I’m beside [James] Stewart or Ryan [Villopoto].

Did anyone from the U.S. ever “welcome” you when you first raced down there?
My first supercross was in Salt Lake City and Jeremy McGrath was coming up to lap me—and it was a mud race—and I stalled it and he bumped into me. He wasn’t too happy [laughs].

Any predictions with Dusty racing the 450 class?
I think Dusty … I mean, he’s a 450 rider no doubt about it. I think he would have proved himself this year if he were on a 450. He’s a bigger guy and if you’re not on one of the satellite teams you don’t have the power. He’s not that big, but he’s bigger than me and you look at Villopoto—he’s 120 lbs soaking wet. You need to have a little power on your side. I think things will go better for him this year. You see people trash talking him on the internet, but as soon as you have one good race, they’re your best friend again.

Great, thanks Darc!
Thank you.

And finally, we had some unexpected good news at the Racer X Canada office this week. Our art director, Dawn McClintock had a 6.5 lb baby boy on Tuesday morning. Young Magnus Asher is five weeks early but he’s doing well, and so is super-mom Dawn and dad Marty (aka Melvin). Magnus joins big sister Emmalee as the newest member of the McClintock clan.

That’s all I have for this week, folks. Thanks for reading!