Ignition Racing RXC Factory Rider for a Day: Gopher Dunes

After a great experience with Jeremy Medaglia and his family as part of the Ignition Racing RXC Factory Rider for a Day program, we're looking forward to supporting Kyle Stephens at Gopher Dunes this weekend. Stephens, who says he didn't race Ste-Julie because he wanted his first pro race to come under the Factory Rider tent, has actually been Medaglia's biggest challenge in the Ontario Provincial Championships. Like Medaglia, he is determined to make a career out of motocross and he spent last week training with Ryan Gauld on the Dunes' track to make sure he knows the sweet lines.

If you're at  Gopher Dunes, be sure to stop by the rig and pick up a limited edition Stephens 573 shield sticker--and a Gopher Dunes national sticker--and meet our factory rider for the weekend and his very supportive family, Dawna, Randy and Chelsea.

BIRTH DATE: August 20, 1992
BIRTH PLACE: Brampton, Ontario
HOMETOWN: Orangeville, Ontario
CLASSES: 125, 250 and GP Intermediate
SPONSORS: Kawasaki Canada, Edge Performance, Fox Canada, Ogio, Red Bull, Metal Mulisha, Brass Knuckle Therapy, SixSixOne, Gaerne, BWR Suspension, Jagg 448, Scott, Orthoflex CTi, Sunline, Pro Circuit, 20/20 Racing Academy, Twin Air, Works Connection, Track Side Charms

Age started riding: 5

Describe your first race: My first race was in October 1997 at a track called Eagle’s Nest. It was a cold and rainy day and there were eight riders in the 50cc 4-6 PW class. I fell a lot but finished sxith place and got my first medal. Since then, I have loved the sport and was hooked on it and have raced every weekend from that day on

Favorite food: Pasta and fajitas.

What do you eat/drink on race day? Red Bull, lots of water, orange juice, peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Lots of fruit and vegetables like watermelon, oranges, carrots and healthier foods.

Favorite track: Walton

Best road trip story: My best road trip story would have to be the past year when I went down to North Carolina for three months. It’s a 14-hour drive but somehow, someway, it took two days. It started off in minus 30 weather and then there were no lights on the trailer so we had to stop at every other exit to try and find a store that has that kind of plug. This took place at least seven hours into our trip. Watching my Dad and Uncle Ron turn blue as they were fixing the plug in Pennsylvania and the temperature is now mins 20. We ended up getting a hotel room that night. Good thing I brought my computer as I played ATV Unleashed because that kept me occupied for the whole ride.

Name four CDs that you own now: 50 Cent, Lil John; I have a lot. I am really not too picky with CDs. Anything goes!


Stephens currently leads the GP Intermediate class and sits third in 250 in the CMRC Ontario Provincial Championships. 

photo: Dan Stenning

Best race you have watched: I went to Unadilla a couple years ago and Carmichael just passed Stewart when Stewart tried to come back, he jumped and landed on him. I was standing right there when it happened.

Name a highlight in your racing career: Winning the 2004 Rider of the Year Award at such a young age. I was the youngest at that date to ever receive such an award.

Best thing about racing in Southwestern Ontario: Definitely the people, great competition, hanging out with all my buddies at the track and having a good time pretty much sums it up.

Who are your picks to win the Canadian championships this year? I think JSR for MX1 and Michael Willard for MX2 East.

Your best skill on a motorcycle: I would have to say just being smooth and eliminating my mistakes. I always try so hard and people still come up to me and ask me if I am trying. But everyone that knows me knows that, that is my style: smooth.

Other sports you're good at: Snowboarding and  X-Box 360.

Best place on earth: Being with all of your friends and family at the races.

Worst place on earth: Being at back of the pack off of a start. There is nothing worse than eating a bunch of sand or getting blown away by rocks.

Goals for '07: Pretty much do the best I can; finish third or better overall in all my classes at the Ontario Provincials and at the Walton TransCan, have good finishes in the MX2 class at Gopher Dunes and Walton, train and most of all, have a great year!

Who's in your regular crew? My Dad, Mom, my sister, Chelsea, and “Chinny” my mechanic.