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By Allison Kennedy

Danny Brault is down south in Georgia, on a work/riding trip that has taken him to the Atlanta SX, MTF and Monster Mountain. We haven’t heard much from Danny, so we’ll assume that’s a good thing. He’s travelling with the likes of Derek Schuster and Pierce Chamberlain and was meeting RXC Total Devotion winner Ryan Millar at MTF. He also has my camera—which I felt pretty good about, until JTG turned white as a sheet when I told him. Bring her home safe, young Giver.


Honestly ... how sweet does that look? Lange shares the podium with Ryan Dungey and Matt Goerke in Atlanta.  

Simon Cudby photo


It was a huge week for Canadian motocross, and more specifically for Monster Energy / Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s newest member, Darcy Lange. Leading up to Atlanta, we weren’t placing any bets about how he’d finish—to be honest he must have been wondering himself—but after the afternoon practice sessions finished up, things were looking sweet. Lange had the second fastest practice time, just behind Jeff Alessi (keep in mind that Alessi set that time in the first practice session when the track was smooth), and then went on to post the fastest time in qualifying.

Lange had first gate pick for the main but came out of the first turn back in about ninth or tenth. He worked his way up through the pack and was trying to make the pass for second on Ryan Sipes when they bumped bars and Lange stalled it. He had to work his way through the pack yet again, and managed to pass Matt Goerke near the end of the main to land himself a second-place finish in his first-ever ride for Pro Circuit. Wow.

We’ve been doing some hunting about past Canadian podium finishes in the U.S. JTG called up Carl Vaillancourt to confirm his best finish as we kept hearing rumblings that he’d finished third overall in 125 East SX back in 1988. (That stat coming from Steve Matthes, who was obviously drinking heavily in 1988.) JTG got Carl on the horn and he confirmed that his best finish was a fifth at the Atlanta Supercross back in 1989 aboard a Honda. It was a total privateer effort for Vaillancourt, who was travelling with mechanic, Francis Marcotte, and sleeping in his cube van.

Ross Pederson earned a pair of podiums in the 1987 AMA nationals, finishing third in Sacramento (250cc) and third in Buchanan, Michigan (500cc) in the same year. For both JSR and Pederson, their best indoor finish was a sixth place. Pederson was sixth in Daytona in ’86, and again in Houston and Pontiac in ’87. As for JSR, he finished sixth in Daytona in 1993 and again in Indianapolis in ’95.

The best part about Darcy’s podium finish is that he managed to finish second after a bad start and a stalled bike. What will happen if he gets out front early? We all know that he’s one of the best starters in the business. Check out Danny’s interview with Darcy after his Atlanta podium right here. Lange’s impressive debut also landed him in RXI’s weekly Top 25 Power Rankings. Check that out right here. You can also vote on how Lange will do this weekend in St. Louis in our weekly poll to the right.

Speaking of the nationals, the AMA nationals will switch to SPEED for the summer which is good news for Canadians. Even better, three races will be telecast live. Check out the press release here.

RXC editor JTG also pointed out another Canadian achievement that was going down across the globe on the same day as Lange’s podium finish: Canadian skier Eric Guay won the World Cup downhill race in Garmisch, Germany. It was Canada’s first World Cup win in thirteen years. And both these events happened on 2/24, Ron Lechien’s infamous rookie race number. Coincidence? We think not. Oh and don't forget Team Canada's recent hockey victory in the Indy Cup. Dan Stenning captured the action and we have it right here.



DeHaan will miss St. Louis but will be back on the line in Daytona.  

James Lissimore photo


Atlanta wasn’t as kind to BTO Sports/Butler Brothers Doug DeHaan. DeHaan went down in a nasty crash with Michael Byrne in his heat race and won’t be on the line in St. Louis this weekend. We checked in with Doug to see how he was doing and he had this to say, “I won't be back this weekend but I should be ready for Daytona. My neck and a couple of ribs in my back are really hurting me. I landed on Burner's bike and then went head first into a jump face. Anyways, I guess it could have been worse for sure.” Get well soon Doug and we’ll be cheering for you in Daytona.

Multi-time Canadian champ Jean-Sébastien Roy celebrated his birthday on Monday. He turned 33. He packed his bags and headed to Florida on Wednesday and said he’d be riding his Blackfoot Yamaha for the first time by the end of the week.

We checked in with Roy’s newest Blackfoot teammate Colton Facciotti to see what he’s been up to. “At the moment I’m just at home and I’ve been working with my trainer at the gym for the last two months. I haven’t really ridden too much due to the weather. I’m just getting ready to go down to Cali on Friday. As for the bikes, Blackfoot has done a great job getting them set up for me. I love them and I can’t wait to get on some good tracks in Cali and see how that goes.”


Klatt is gearing up for the outdoors.  

James Lissimore photo

After a well-deserved week off, Canadian MX1 champ Dusty Klatt is back on the bike. After watching Darcy ‘raise the bar’ as Klatt put it, Dusty is ready to get back at it. “I won’t be testing for about another month because all the mechanics but mine have left for the east. The team just wants me to focus on the outdoors for right now. I’ll probably ride supercross a week prior to Seattle. It’s going to be pretty hard to get up any further than I am in points so I just want to be as ready as I can for the outdoors and be in the best shape I can be. Time to buckle down. There are times that I feel like I’m 100 percent but I can get burned out a bit. I have all the opportunity in the world to be one of the best, I’ve just got to put 100 percent effort into it and things will come. My body is healed up and I’m 100 percent now so that’s nice. Besides that, life doesn’t get any more exciting, just training and riding and a little BMX.”


Man friends no more? 

James Lissimore photo

Factory mechanic turned author extraordinaire Steve Matthes has been waging an all-out war with his former rider Tim Ferry. Check out some of the mud-slinging in Matthes’ Observations from Atlanta. Matthes also had a chance to defend himself on DMXS Radio last night. Check out the archive here. As the DMXS boys said, “The Canadian prime minister (if that’s what you call him) called Bush today because this Ferry/Matthes thing is getting outta hand.” National crisis or not, we are declaring Matthes the winner for this week.

RXC Senior Shooter James Lissimore is finally making his way back to BC. He’s catching a ride Monday with Brock Hoyer and his trainer Todd Schumlick. A huge shout out to James for all his hard work while he was in the west, especially the spy shots of both Dusty and Darcy on their new rides. It takes a lot of commitment to do what James does (which includes couch surfing and living out of an Ogio 9800 for weeks on end) and we appreciate it.



Alberta's Dean Wilson will be at Lake Whitney next week.  

James Lissimore photo


Lake Whitney kicks off this weekend in March 6 to 11 and I’m sure there are a few Canadians heading that way. If you’re racing, be sure to send us an update to so we can let folks know right here. Kyle Beaton is racing and rumour has it Alberta’s Dean Wilson is flying now on his 250F so hopefully it will be a good week for both of them.

James Lissimore just checked in from SoCal with this update:

Last weekend at Glen Helen was the final round of the CMC Golden State series and Saltspring Island's finest, Howie Spencer wrapped up the series title in the +25 Pro class. Spencer, who made the switch last week from Yamaha to Kawasaki, had no problem adapting to the new bike and won both days to clinch the overall title. Now he heads to Texas this weekend with the new bike to try his hand at the Lake Whitney amateur national in the 250 Pro Sport and +25 classes, joining fellow Canadians Kyle Beaton, Dean Wilson and others.

Unfortunately, Beaton's protege, Spencer Knowles won't be making the trek as he fractured his leg at a race at Cahuilla Creek last weekend. Knowles had won every moto up to that point. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.

Today at Glen Helen, Dusty was out turning some laps on his outdoor bike, getting ready for the upcoming summer and a return to the spot were he really shines: The Nationals. Also out there was sometime Canadian (by way of Ohio) Michael Willard who was riding his 250F. He is heading back to Ohio tomorrow but will be back out in California soon to start preparing for another summer in the Great White North. Also spotted was Lance Rickard, who is now officially claiming that a comeback is in the works, or maybe he said his back is in need of work. Something like that....

Dusty Klatt starts his preparations for the AMA motocross nationals. He can do it!

photos: James Lissimore


Klatt was looking good at Glen Helen.


Howie Spencer dons the "X"


Michael Willard is also preparing for the outdoor season.

Well, that’s pretty much all we’ve got for this week’s Frid ‘Eh update until Giver returns from the sunny south with tales of perfectly groomed test tracks and huge whoop sections. Take it easy and don’t forget to cheer for Darcy in St. Louis

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