Klatt Injury Update

Klatt is freed from his bike by the medics during the second Lites heat.

photo: Steve Bruhn

Despite showing promise during the afternoon practice sessions, a first lap crash in his heat race spelled the end to Dusty Klatt's Anaheim debut. Klatt posted the fastest lap times in his unseeded Lites practice sessions and had the 16th fastest time in the Lites class heading into the evening qualifiers. However, one lap into his qualifier, Klatt says that his front end dropped in the whoops section, a section that he'd been feeling comfortable and fast in all day.

“I never had problems with the whoops all weekend long, then my front wheel just dropped into one of them. That sent me into an endo and I bounced like two or three of them on my front tire and I just went over," says Klatt. "My wrist and my shoulder are pretty sore, my bicep is all swollen and purple. My back is not too bad, it just looks really bad. My shoulder and wrist are worse.” 

As for making a decision on whether or not to race in Phoenix, Klatt says it's too early to tell. “As of right now, I'd say no," says Klatt. "Mostly because of my wrist and shoulder but I’ll have to wait and see what happens and rest up. There's not much else I can do. At least there are no broken bones. I'll just rest up and hopefully, if I can take the pain, I'll ride next weekend. We'll have to wait and see."


The aftermath...

photos courtesy Dusty Klatt