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Company: FLY Racing

Headquarters: Boise, Idaho


Canadian Distributor: SIXSIXONE Racing Canada, Gamma Sales

History: FLY Racing first started in 1997, in Boise Idaho, as a newly born division of WPS (Western Power Sports), a worldwide distributor of aftermarket parts and accessories for the motorsports industry. FLY Racing's first-year launch introduced an all-new line of handlebars, levers, and chest protectors, to the industry. In 1998, the line was expanded, when FLY stepped into the helmet market with a new line of MX helmets. It was also at this time, thoughts of FLY entering the motocross apparel market were coming under heavy consideration. Much of the following year was devoted preparing and planning for the MX apparel launch in 2000! This was an important year for FLY in knowing that, once the "switch was flipped" and the entrance into the apparel market was made, it was going to become a 24n - 365 day commitment. In late April of 2000, the first edition of FLY motocross apparel was introduced to the market. the gear was well accepted, and off to a good start. This brought on an enthusiastic charge heading into 2001, that was reinforced with the investment into rider sponsorship, and an aggressive advertising campaign to help promote the brand. 2001 also marked the year that FLY entered the boot market, with a solid line-up of quality off-road boots.

Since that time, FLY Racing has developed a solid design and engineering team to help meet the demands of the extensive and ever growing product line of apparel, helmets, hard parts and accessories.

Today, FLY Racing is distributed in over 40 countries worldwide, and is recognized as one of the fastest growing brands in the off-road industry. FLY Racing also sponsors an array of top-name riders in North America, Europe, and other countries.

At FLY Racing, we have a strong passion for this great sport, and are committed to the continued development of products that meet the desires and the demands of the industry. We all ride, and live the sport, and are very thankful that the riding public and the dealers of this industry have shown their great support.

Sponsored riders for '07 include Dusty Klatt, Doug DeHaan, Brady Sheren, Andrew Short, Tyler Evans and the following U.S. based teams: Yamaha of Troy, Star Racing, Butler Bros, Team Solitaire. Stay tuned for Canadian teams!


Line: 208 Evolution Gear
Helmet: Zero Matte White

CDN Pricing: Jersey $64.95; Pants $209.95; Gloves $47.95; Helmet $249.95




Line: 805 Race Gear
Helmet: Venom Matte Black/White/Red


CDN Pricing: Jersey $47.95; Pants $139.95; Gloves $37.95; Helmet $109.95



Line: 303 Race Gear
Helmet: Lite IV Tyler Evans


CDN Pricing: Jersey $37.95; Pants $94.95; Gloves $29.95; Helmet $299.95



Product: Viper Boot


CDN Pricing: $199.95




Product: Stinger Boot


CDN Pricing: $139.95





Visit for additional colour options and products including protective gear, casual wear, luggage, handlebars, ramps and stands. Contact SIXSIXONE Racing Canada at 604-278-5775 or Gamma Sales at 705-325-3088 for a FLY Racing dealer near you.


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