Racer X Canada Tested: Ride Engineering

By Brett Dailey and Jay Moore
Photos by Paolo Darsie and Jay Moore

The Bike: 2005 Honda CRF 250
The Products: Ride Engineering [www.Ride-Engineering.com]
The Unusual Suspect: Jason Moore
Location: Sand-Del-Lee, Richmond, Ontario

Canadian Distributor: Speedmerchant [http://www.speedmerchant.ca/], (866) 390-4669

Speedmerchant, who is the Canadian distributor for Ride Engineering and Storm Cycles (among other lines) set us up with a bunch of accessory parts for our Honda CRF250. This summer, we sent the parts to our star advertising rep, Jason Moore, and let him take a break from the phones for a bit. Well, he certainly made good use of his time—he qualified for his first national in Moncton, New Brunswick with the trick parts from Speedmerchant!

Ride Engineering offers a variety of performance products ranging from triple clamps and bar mounts to braided steel brake lines and compression adjusters.

For part one of the test, we will introduce the parts from Ride Engineering and provide some background info. For stage two, we will bolt on the parts from Storm Cycles as well and provide a full report. Look for our stage two report next week after Christmas.
About Ride Engineering:

Ride Engineering, located in Huntington Beach California, specializes in products that customize the motorcycle to optimize rider/motorcycle performance. The company prides itself on their thorough testing procedures and manufacturing quality.
Company founder, Adrian Ciomo is a degreed mechanical engineer with a master's degree in marketing and a passion for motorcycles. He is still an avid motocross racer and frequent test rider on pavement, off-road and motocross.

The Products:

When we peeled back the plastic wrapping on the Ride products, that summer day felt like Christmas morning all over again. There is something about adding machined aircraft aluminum parts to your bike that makes you look and feel faster. Every part was laser cut with precision to make for flawless installation. The parts caught the eye of everyone in the pits.

Bolt-on Compression Adjusters

Ride Engineering’s compression adjusters allow the rider to adjust settings with no external tools. The new compression adjusters are extremely low profile and remain on your forks until fork disassembly is required. Imagine being able to pull over, turn your compression in or out for the track conditions, then continue on with your ride!


CR Billet Axle Blocks

The billet axle blocks are precision machined for a better swingarm fit and more accurate chain alignment. The blocks reduce "rocking" and are 6mm longer than stock so they keep your chain adjustment bolts less extended. The kit provides two M8 hex nuts to double-lock the adjustment bolts and keep them from loosening.


Hot Start, Right Side Mount

Ride’s hot start mechanism mounts in place of the stock master-cylinder bracket and relocates the hot start to the right side of the handlebar for easy thumb access.


Banjo bolt kit and brake line clamp

The aluminum banjos (used to fasten your front brake line to the master cylinder and brake caliper) are 60% lighter than stock steel banjos and come with 14mm heads for easy installation. The brake line clamp is used to fasten your brake line to the fork sliders. Ride also sells a special brake line clamp which is designed to hold their braided steel brake lines, which are typically narrower than stock plastic lines.


Billet Oil Fill Plug

The replacement oil fill plug is flush mount and its design eliminates the risk of oil loss from a punctured or cracked plastic plug. Plug is precision machined for better thread engagement and can be easily removed with a large flat blade screwdriver or even a quarter.


Carbon Fiber Cable Guide

Complete the factory look with this carbon fiber cable guide. The guide mounts to your front number plate to house the front brake cable.



photo by Paolo Darsie

Look for the complete test next week. A special thanks to Tim Somerville at SpeedMerchant.ca and Adrian at Ride Engineering and Mike at Storm Cycles.